The Economics of Open Data at APIdays Sydney



Presenting at API Days in Sydney on 11 February 2015, Steven De Costa delivered a session on the Economics of Open Data.

With economic benefits forecast in the trillions of dollars, open data is on a fast track to a future that will bring smaller, smarter governments that empower citizens and cities.

In this session you’ll learn about a vision for the future that is taking shape right now. Public data is being liberated, made open to all and is living free in the cloud. Your next start-up, research grant or civic improvement program may be the direct result of open data initiatives that are exploding with activity all over the globe.

Questions we’ll explore:
– How will future trends in machine interfaces for humans, society and governments benefit from today’s explosion of open data?
– Where are the savvy putting their bets and who is already winning big with open data?

The slide deck is now available on SlideShare.

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