Open for Business: How Open Data Can Help Acheive the G20 Growth Target


Open for Business
“Open data offers a new start for economic reform and productivity growth. Leveraging the new possibilities of the Internet to make better use of existing resources, it offers us a way of getting past the political economy of winners and losers.

This report illustrates the potential economic value of reinvigorating the open data agenda in Australia and the G20. Our review of the literature, our modeling, and our case study scenarios show how an open data focus could promote the themes of the G20 agenda—trade, finance, fiscal and monetary policy, anti-corruption, employment, energy, and infrastructure—and in so doing achieve more than half of the G20’s 2% growth target.”

Project Type: Report
Organisation: Lateral Economics
Release Date: Jue 14 2014
Keywords: open data, economic, research

Commissioned by Omidyar Network, Lateral EconomicsOpen for Business report is the first study to quantify and illustrate the potential of open data to help the G20 achieve its 2% economic growth target.

The report was published June 14 2014 and is available for direct download on the Omidyar Network website.

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