CKAN Guide for Data Custodians



“Want to get your data online, but don’t know where to start? Need some help creating a dataset, or writing an open data strategy? Or do you just want to know more about the government’s open data policies?
The Open Data Toolkit can help, with simple and practical information on how your agency can make its data open, and why it’s worth doing. Choose one of the themes below to start.
If you are looking for technical or other support for, start with the section.
Policy – getting started
Planning – creating your data strategy
Publishing your data – preparing and publishing your data including shared infrastructure you can leverage – for those jumping straight into linking or hosting data through the Federal data portal for public discoverability”

Project Type: Online Guide
Organisation: Department of Finance, Australia
Release Date: Jue 14 2014
Keywords: open data, CKAN, guide

The Department of Finance in Australia have provided a helpful guide for their data custodians. This can be used as an example of the type of information to provide to your own data portal custodians.

You can find the toolkit at

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