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Introducing CKAN Galleries for images and video

CKAN Galleries by Data Shades is our custom distribution of the CKAN open data platform specially designed for storing and referencing image and video assets. CKAN is intended to be a flexible, adaptable and essential platform that can be configured to serve all open data publishing requirements. CKAN is currently used by governments, e-democracy advocacy …


Data Shades to attend the 2015 International Open Data Conference

Yes, we will be attending the International Open Data Conference in Ottawa, Canada in May 2015. Come and explore a wide variety of open data issues and collaborate on charting the future of open data at the 3rd International Open Data Conference, May 28-29, 2015, in Ottawa, Canada. The global open data movement has matured …


Data Shades launches on International Open Data Day

This is it! We’re live, Data Shades is an open data initiative that will focus on Platform as a Service for open data customers with managed support and enhanced user experiences for those connecting with open data portals. Feel free to follow us on twitter and GitHub.